illustration. design. production.


it's a process




Our illustration capabilities are what really make us stand out. We're happy to hand paint type, sketch up some croquis or illustrate a graphic for you. Whatever it takes to get the look and feel you're going for. 


We have expereince in all categories: knits, wovens, denim, outerwear, active and leasure.


We're here to get you from idea to final product and can handle everythign inbetween. 





I am a designer and a problem solver by nature. My career started in New York City in the summer of 2002 at Candie’s, a once very popular and mildly controversial shoe company (Jenny McCarthy on a toilet bring back any memories? If not, google it for a good laugh). I was hired to make technical drawings of shoes, before long I was designing shoes for celebrities and helping with trend development. I moved on to Mark Ecko Cut & Sew, a new, higher end label for the once famous Rhinoceros branded company: Ecko. As a venture brand we had a small but very capable team and I got my hands into EVERYTHING. I did product development for denim, woven shirts, business separates and outerwear. We manufactured in China, Peru, Turkey, India and Vietnam. I spent three weeks in Hong Kong, took calls at 9 ‘o’clock at night, worked weekends, late nights and all with limitless curiosity. A little burned out, I decided it was time to break out on my own and since that day in late 2004, I’ve worked with some amazingly diverse brands (Kohl's, Victoria's Secret, Guess, Express, J Crew, Destination Maternity, Lane Bryant and Maurice's to name a few) mostly as a designer, but also as a product, fabric and wash developer.


While I enjoy most aspects of the industry, I find my problem solver self being particularly drawn to development. I’ve started using my unique knowledge and experiences to develop start up brands. I’ve helped to start labels from concept to production, secured overseas and domestic manufacturing, managed the development process, established "best practices" to ensure the BEST production on the first try and have even helped with employee hiring and retention. My style is collaborative. Every company is unique, my role is to listen to each individual problem and work with you to find a solution that fits your company culture. I’m also friendly, high energy and a hard worker, so let’s do this.